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Power-Sonic sealed, lead-acid batteriesare the premier deep-discharge recovery batteries. Their sealed, maintenance-free, easy handling and economical qualities make these long shelf life units perfect for your HIGH-TECH use. You can offer your customers batteries with the confidence that they will meet their performance expectations.

The Power-SonicCorporation has been a leading force for 35 years in the supply of high quality cost effective batteries. Power-Sonic markets a staggering range of rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries worldwide. These batteries envelop a broad spectrum of electronic and industrial applications, either as the prime or standby power source. Engineers and buyers continue to insist on Power-Sonic batteries, wherever reliable and cost effective DC power is required.

Power-Sonicis dedicated to continual product development to improve the performance and reliability of our product range. New batteries are constantly being developed to meet the ever evolving needs of industry. We strive to produce batteries with superior performance characteristics and value, through advanced engineering and state-of-the art manufacturing processes, coupled with the use of premium raw materials.

Providing our customers with reliable, yet economical, products is the corner stone of the Power-Sonic mission.

Power-Sonicbatteries are CE, UL, and ISO9001 certified.

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