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  1. ACDelco Batteries

    ACDelco Batteries

    Those who know batteries choose ACDelco. For years, studies have proved that ACDelco batteries are among the most durable and longest lasting on the market. From Marine to Heavy-Duty, every ACDelco battery is made to withstand the harshest elements and get you moving time after time. And since we have the most comprehensive battery coverage for virtually every make and model on the road, the choice is clear. ACDelco.


    BATTERYSALES.COM is one of the largest ACDelco battery distributors in

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  2. Webinar | OutBack FLEXmax 100 AFCI - NEC 2017 Solutions

    Webinar | OutBack FLEXmax 100 AFCI - NEC 2017 Solutions

    Outback FM100-AFCI

    The addition of Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) to the Outback FLEXmax 100 makes it the best solution on the market for NEC 2017 installations. In this first introduction of the product, the focus is on AFCI and the new NEC 2017 integrations. Listen to this webinar to find out why it’s the best charge controller option for NEC 2017.

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  3. Which Optima Battery is right for you?

    Which Optima Battery is right for you?

    Which Optima Battery is right for you? RedTop, YellowTop, or BlueTop?

    The REDTOP Optima is a Starting Battery: Use this for normal engine starting where an alternator immediately monitors the state of charge and provides energy to the battery whenever it is needed. This would describe most stock vehicles.
    Also use for:
    • Automotive and RV under-hood starting
    • Heavy equipment where starting is the primary function
    • Diesel-powered vehicles with no aftermarket electronics
    The YELLOWTOP Optima is a Deep-Cycle Battery: Use this when electrical loads are higher than average, or when the discharge cycle is more than typical engine starting, such as vehicles without alternators. This also
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  4. Does a battery self-discharge? Yes!

    All automotive wet batteries will slowly loose charge when not in service. This is known as self-discharge.
    Standard maintenance free batteries containing certain grid alloys, self-discharge at a lower rate than deep cycle batteries. The rate of self-discharge increases with increasing temperature; this is true for both maintenance free and deep cycle batteries.
    Allowing batteries to stand for an extended period of time without recharging them, will result in reduced performance and service life. To preserve optimum battery performance and life, recharge batteries in storage when the open circuit voltage drops to 12.4 volts.
    To make up for self-discharge while in stock, a boosting charge should be given to batteries whenever they fall .040 points in specific gravity, corrected to 80°F (26.7°C). T
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  5. Morningstar ProStar MPPT Charge Controller

    Professional Series

    The ProStar MPPT™ is a mid-range MPPT solar charge controller with TrakStar Technology™ that provides  maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charging for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 1100 watts. Available with and without advanced built-in meter. This device is ideal for industrial and residential applications. A Wire Box accessory to reduce hazards associated with exposed wires and connections can be purchased separately. Other accessories: EIA-485/RS-232 Communications AdapterRelay DriverMeterHub

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  6. Outback Power

    Outback Power


    Founded in 2001 by three engineers with a long history of developing technologies for renewable energy applications, OutBack Power's founders believed that the renewable energy industry was on the verge of unparalleled growth, driven by the emerging need for sustainable alternative sources of energy.

    OutBack Power initially designed and manufactured integration hardware used by solar installers to house and protect power electronics installed in remote environments and harsh condition locations around the world. Soon the company launched an advanced line of rugged inverter products that delivered pure sinewave power for off-grid residential and commercial installations, ultimately expanding its offering to include off-grid inverters with battery backup, grid-tie inverters with battery backup, Maximum

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  7. ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries

    ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries have high cycling capabilities, are remarkably charge-receptive, and are necessary for ‘start/stop’ vehicle applications. The Absorbed Glass Mat design is 100% leak and spill proof because the Electrolyte is permanently held in the glass mat separator instead of free flowing within each cell. Oxygen recombination minimizes water loss and reassures maintenance-free performance. ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries also hav

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    Battery Sales USA, Inc / Solar Sales USA, Inc is proud to be a Master Distributor for Aims Power Inverters. The products listed in these pages are stocking items, if there is something you are looking for and not on these pages, please email for product pricing and availability. AIMS Power has been an industry leader in power inverter products since 2001. AIMS

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  9. BCI Battery Replacement Data Book 1994-2013

    The brand new BCI Battery Replacement Data Book for applications from the years 1994 through 2013 is now available in the Battery Library section of our website, Battery Sales. Each year, Battery Council International (BCI), comes out with their new application guide. The replacement battery guide includes a lot of helpful information including:

    • Explosion Danger, Installation, Charging, Handling, Booster Cables, pages 2-5
    • Explanation of Data, Abbreviations, page 6
    • BCI Assembly Numbers, Cell Layouts, Hold downs and Polarity, pages 7-11
    • BCI Group Numbers, Dimensional Specifications and Ratings, pages 12-15
    • BCI/DIN/EN Reference Chart, page 17
    • BCI/JIS Reference Chart, page 17
    • Power Sport Battery Type Reference and Terminals
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  10. Authorities baffled by thefts of truck batteries in five cities

    Authorities baffled by thefts of truck batteries in five cities


    This morning there was an article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper about batteries being stolen from trucks and automobiles throughout Broward County. Authorities are apparently baffled as to why the trend in battery theft. They should have asked Battery Sales.


    The battery theft is not contained to just Broward County. Batteries are being stolen in Miami-Dade as well. You may recall a news report a few months ago when batteries were stolen from approximately 40 Miami-Dade County School Buses. At Battery Sales, we have customers buying replacement batteries for their cars at least a couple times a week, if not more. You would consider yourself

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